Installation - Foundations

Perfection begins with the perfect foundation... 

Your new home from Woodlund Homes starts with a solid foundation.

There are many types of foundations for your new home. These are frost footings, a monolithic slab, crawl space or a full basement. Depending on your particular building needs, our home consultants will help you with your selection. 

A manufactured home can be put on all the foundations listed above. Individual frost footings 18" round and extend below the frost line are the least expensive to use. For a little extra money, a monolithic slab is recommended to site the home on. It allows for a very sturdy foundation that is clean and allows a variety of lower perimeter enclosure materials, such as concrete block, decorative block, fiber cement board or vinyl siding. 

Modular homes are typically placed on a basement or crawl space. You could even put the home on an engineered slab, but this is not very common. Basements are commonly built out of concrete, but wood basements are available. There are different construction methods for concrete foundations. We use a variety of methods from concrete block to insulated concrete forms to poured walls. There is an advantage to each and our construction consultants can help you with this decision. To finish the basement, we add waterproofing, drain tile, sill plate, insulation and vapor barrier to the inside. 



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