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For those of you new to modular construction or who have a preconceived vision in your mind's eye of the final product, let us help set the record straight. Modular construction combines centuries-old building techniques with modern technology to create a cost-effective, efficient and beautiful new home. So, it's stunning, fast and professional.

Modular Homes are of the same quality as a site built home.
Modular homes come in many different constructio types

A beautiful modular home.

Rather than being built piece-by-piece on a home site,where your materials are exposed to the elements. A modular home is built by skilled craftsman in a climate-controlled factory.

The Quality of Construction of Your New Home from Woodlund Homes

What's So Remarkable About Modular?

Beauty . Computer software programs commonly used by builders and architects allow any home plan to be constructed with modules, and intricate designs or features can always be added on site. If you can dream it, modular can built it.

A 2 story modular home by Stratford Homes.
Courtesy of Stratford Homes

Each module is built on an assembly line, using machinery built specifically for the task and unique to modular factories. By the time your new home reaches the end of production," it is complete with walls, floors, electrical wiring, plumbing and ceilings in place, as well as interior fixtures including carpets, doors and cabinetry.

That's why a growing portion of the home building industry is catching on to modular construction technology. Once a small market niche known for turning out efficient but simple new homes, modular construction is moving, literally, outside the box. In fact, we defy you to distinguish a modular home from a "site-built" home just by looking from the curb.

Speed. From first contact with your modular builder, you can be in your new home in just a few months. Once your home starts assembly in the factory, in can be shipped to your home site in a few weeks and set weather-tight in as little as one day. Depending on the amount of custom finish work required, you could be in a new modular home in 12 to 16 weeks.

Worker in the Stratford Homes Factory

Cost & Quality. Modular construction helps reduce cost overruns by purchasing building materials in larger quantities than most builders, cushioning consumers from sudden spikes in material prices. Additionally, modular home construction eases the need for too much reliability on subcontractors, streamlining the home building process. And one of the greatest benefits of modular technology is that construction can take place in almost any weather.

Affordable cost and quality, the main components of a modular home.

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