Building Green

Going Green, better for the planet, better for you...

GREEN means construction that reduces waste, builds-in energy conservation, increases comfort and adds value to your home.

Top 4 reasons to build green are below, please click on a heading to learn more....

Through sustainable construction you reduce energy costs by utilizing green building materials that add value to your home. Not only do you benefit from this financially but you also benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. This building methodology is win-win situation for both you and the world.

The life of your homes energy systems are prolonged via decreased usage by working in an insulated environment unlike most conventional homes. This savings in energy costs and usage allows you to spend your savings on more worthwhile avenues.

The climate is affected by pollutants that come from everything from cars to electrical generating plants. By reducing the amount of energy your family consumes you play an active role in saving the world and being eco-friendly.

Using green building materials may cost a little bit more but they provide your home with additional life span. Condensation, piping sweat and other unsealed portions of a home are a thing of the past with green building methods. The resale value of your home could be higher over the years to come.

The Factory Starts the GREEN Process

Building a home in a factory automatically reduces waste, and maintains a dry environment reducing the potential for molds. Their lumber is pre-cut to length reducing waste. They also have recycling programs to handle other construction waste. 

GREEN Choices

 Building GREEN is easy when you know what to look for. Our team at WOODLUND HOMES assists you at each phase of your home building project. 

GEO-Thermal Heating and Cooling Systems

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said geo-thermal (geo-exchange) heating and cooling systems are, "the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available today."

Installing a geothermal system involves special site-work and professional plumbing installation. In the diagram to the left, you can see the pipe system installed in the ground and house that circulates water through the ground and air through the home. This is the configuration for heating. 

We can help you find the perfect site to install a geo-exchange system for your new home.

When you order your new home, you can choose GREEN options for the factory to install. 

Products that use recycled material

Products lower in formaldehyde/formaldehyde free

Oriented Strand Board from fast growth forests

Hard Plank Siding

Engineered Wood Floors

Low Flow Toilets

Extra Insulation Overall 



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